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It’s been so long since I last logged into this site I forgot my login information and had to have it reset. That is sad. Even sadder was the discovery I made after logging in that the last draft post I was working on was about our sweet dog, Dixie, who just recently passed away. For a year and a half, Dixie livened things up quiet a bit in our house. She was feisty and intensely loving at the same time. Before she got sick, she really couldn’t stand to be apart from us. Whenever she’d hear keys, she’d run to the door in attempt to either come with us, or try and prevent us from leaving by scooting her butt against the door. I admit I used to roll my eyes at people I knew who were shaken up over the loss of a pet. I regret that now. I just didn’t get it. Now I do.

All of this to say, the house is far too quiet without her.

My husband is already wanting a new dog, which feels weird to me. I know Dixie wasn’t a person, but she was such a presence in our house that it’s weird to think of something else coming in to take her place.  I don’t feel ready for that yet, but I’m trying to warm up to the idea.

Jumping topics, because I really don’t know where to end or transition from the previous, we are coming up on a year of living in our home. After months of waiting (recall it was a short sale), the bank finally responded and accepted our offer (even gave us a concession toward closing costs, which we were told not to expect). We settled last September and moved in at the end of October right before the hurricane, the name of which right now escapes me. Sandy? Yes, Sandy. I have a very clear memory of unpacking my kitchen with the rain pouring down (kind of like today actually, but with a much darker sky) and having to keep stepping outside to sweep water away from the back door. A year later, there are boxes we still haven’t unpacked. The second bedroom upstairs has been labeled “the junk room” and for good reason… I really want to get that unpacked this year.

From a “home improvement standpoint,” there is much to be done with our house. We are slowly picking and choosing as time and resources allow. Most projects over the last year have been of the painting variety. There were a lot of yellow walls I am happy to say are almost gone… So far, the kitchen, main living area, basement, upstairs hallway, master bedroom, hall bath and front bedroom have all been painted. Most of this was done by professionals, but there were three rooms we did ourselves. I will post before and after pictures soon.

I suppose anything you write after coming back from a long hiatus tends to have that bla unfinished feel to it, as this post does for me now. But, you’ve got to jump in somewhere or else you’ll keep driving home thinking about how you much you need to be writing again and wondering why you aren’t doing it. I’m tired of driving home feeling that way. On that note, I’m off to drive home in the rain — and think about something else.