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Still waiting (and wondering if I use the word “so” too much)

I have a recurring urge to start conversations and writing with “so.” So, I did this today. So, I made this last night for dinner. So, I’d really like to lose 15 pounds. So,… [insert random thought here]. You get the idea. Why do I do this? General awkwardness? Perhaps. Admittedly, it often feels unnatural to just come out and say whatever I’m thinking. Being direct is not my strong suite. Just ask my husband. Marriage = growth opportunity for me in this area. Anyway, I guess the “so” offers me a segue point. I think that’s why I do it. It’s a place to begin that feels more conversational and less forceful. But it can be overdone. I intend to start paying more attention to when I do this.

The reason I got going on this “so” business is because I was about to start this blog post with the following sentence:

So, our condo is under contract.

Then I derailed myself and went down a self conscious rabbit trail. Sorry.

In any case, we are officially under contract with our condo and have been for the last three weeks. (Photo above was taken from one of the MLS pictures taken of our family room for lack of anything better to post.) We go to settlement at the end of June and have a rent-back option until July 22. This is good since we have not yet closed the deal on the short sale and, most likely, we’ll need all the time we can get. We’ve been in process on this since March 1. At the outset, we were given reason to think the listing agent and their short sale negotiator would be able to close the deal on the house within 90 days.

We cross the 90-day mark tomorrow.

We still have no house.

But, we’re trying to hold out because there’s nothing we’ve seen in Loudoun we like as much as the Waterford house. (There is a little Victorian house in Lincoln that comes close for me, but it’s a lot less square footage for a lot more money!) Given this, the house is still worth sticking it out—even if it means we have to move twice to get it. Ugh. Really hoping we won’t have to move twice. But we probably will. The likelihood of us settling before we have to be out of our condo is slim, based on how slowly this has moved so far. I know a girl who waited six months before her short sale went through. Six months. Bust.

Husband and I have more or less resigned ourselves to the double move. We’ll deal—even if it means living in my parents’ guest cottage with all of our furniture in a pod in their yard. Classy. On the bright side, as Mark pointed out, “At least they have a pool.” I suppose homeless with a pool is better than just homeless. We’ll see…

We’ve been told by the listing agent that our short sale package is supposed to be presented to the investors at the bank this Friday. Evidently, the “investors” are the VP level folks responsible for deciding on how much they’re willing to “short” themselves on the loan that’s currently owed on the house. From what I understand, they’ll do one of the following: accept our offer, counter our offer, or accept with terms placed on the seller. Obviously, the first option would be best. Oh, and they could also reject our offer outright. That would suck. But it could happen if they decide it’s more beneficial for them to just foreclose on the house. (Noooooooooo!)

Anyway our fingers are crossed and we hope to know more next week. Knowing our luck, our package will be at the bottom of the stack and they won’t get to it until next month.  More time by my parents’ pool I guess…