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February Blues

So far, this “winter” has been a giant bust for snow. We’re nearing the end of February and we’ve had barely more than a dusting. In fact, the weather has been down right unseasonable here in D.C. Fifties and 60’s all week. What gives? I’m not ready for picnic weather yet. I want snow. Just one good blast. Then. I suppose I can start thinking about spring.

Though no snow for me, I did manage to catch this winter’s flu. Zing! Fever, chills and terrible aches for a solid week, followed by another week of feeling completely exhausted. So much for my flu shot. The real kicker was I had to use a week of personal time off for this crap. The doc said as long as I was running a fever I was contagious… Too bad I found this out after the one day I went in to the office. Oh well.

The whole time I was out, I kept thinking I should really try to tackle some home projects as long as I’m here…make this time off count for something! But I didn’t have the energy to do anything more than sleep — and watch T.V. So I napped a lot and got sucked into Downton Abbey. Somehow I managed to miss this show until now. It’s so terrific. Who knew Edwardian England could offer such a lovely escape from reality? I’m only three episodes behind now and I almost don’t want to get caught up because then I’ll have to wait for the show like everyone else.

Complaining about the weather and being sick. How’s that for a solid, nothing blog post? More soon.