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Chilly and Chili

I wanted to accomplish more this weekend. I blame the cold. The ice and chilly air made it hard to motivate. I did finally write a blog post though (two, if I get this one finished tonight), so there’s that I guess. Otherwise, yesterday was full of quality couch time and dinner out at the local Daily Grill down the road. Steak salad and a side of mac and cheese. I’m pretty sure there will never come a time in my life when I don’t like to eat macaroni and cheese…

Today’s crowning achievements included grocery shopping for the week (this rarely happens for us) and making a big pot of homemade turkey chili. There were tons of leftovers (8 servings my foot), which is good because I will freeze over half and use for another night down the road. The recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Food Everyday: Fresh Flavor Fast cookbooks. A good friend of mine gave me this cookbook at my bridal shower and I love it. The book has tons of tasty weeknight meal ideas and offers great suggestions for stretching your proteins into more than one meal. Anyway, the recipe is called “Tex-Mex Turkey and Bean Chili.” You can find it on her website here.

The only things I did differently were substitute one can of the pintos for dark kidney beans (I wanted a little bean variety) and use two cans of diced tomatoes in their juices instead of whole peeled tomatoes; Whole Foods was out of the kind I wanted (San Marzanos), but this wound up saving me a step since Martha has you break up the tomatoes with kitchen shears before tossing them in the pot. All in all, this yielded a lovely pot of chili. The bacon, cocoa powder and molasses all add a little something extra to this recipe. I took it as a compliment when my husband said, “You know, you can’t really tell this is turkey chili.” I agree.